IOT Technologies International

What we do

We are an experienced Industry leader

We draw upon decades of experience as an industry leader in the telemetry, RF and cellular solutions.  Our installation teams and distributors have successfully deployed systems in countries all over the world.  As a complete solutions provider, we provide high quality dependable digital meter reading products, network communications, and smart reporting software to support every situation, from apartment complexes and motor home parks to smart cities and municipalities.

Our leadership team has a combined 80 years of experience in the RF Telemetry Industry. The company was founded on the belief that water and energy sources are limited and we must begin to conserve and measure if we are to leave this world in better shape for generations to come.

We take pride in our unique ability to provide integration

With a broad base of industry expertise we adapted our technologies to seamlessly integrate with every major digital meter reading system.  This allows you to retain your existing legacy meters or upgrade them over time reducing your initial cost since replacement of existing meters is not required to take advantage of this premier solution.

We have a proven track record

Our nation-wide team of experienced installation professionals will direct all your installation needs to implement a reliable system that will perform for years to come. Fully informed about local codes and regulations, we ensure your system will pass inspections and permit requirements without fail.

We safeguard your most important assets

Working with a reputable solutions provider means installation of high-quality systems from the most trusted and experienced leader in utility reading and reporting. We also offer complete protection of your important asset with unsurpassed warranty coverage. Depending on the solution, available warranty terms range from 5 years up to 20-year Platinum warranty coverage.