IOT Technologies International

Environmental Innovators

We are dedicated to protecting the environment by providing solutions that safeguard valuable natural resources by measuring and monitoring every step of the way.

Global Implementations

We have designed and installed customized solutions in countries around the world, from North and South America to Europe and Africa.

Integrated Engineering

Our technology will help you:
• Safeguard your most important assets
• Detect and report problems before costly disasters
• Generate immediate savings
• Smart reporting and data analysis


Smart City Solutions

We offer Smart City solutions that enhance asset and resource management and provide protection capabilities for municipalities everywhere. We offer comprehensive solutions in the areas of Water, Asset, and Energy Management. Learn more...

Sub Metering

Our meters and networks are reliable and stand up to the harshest environments to ensure data is always being recorded and transmitted. At the heart of every solution is data collection to inform better decision-making. Learn more...

Water Management

Did you know? Leakage in fresh water distribution systems can cause up to 50% water loss. We offer solutions for Water Management that can be implemented independently or layered within the same network infrastructure. Learn more...

Utility Management

Municipalities all over the world are striving to enhance the livability of their cities to be safer, conserve resources, and operate more efficiently. We offer a wide variety of products and services that support their Smart City initiatives. Learn more...

  • Partners
  • End Users
  • OEM

We partner with systems integrators, resellers, distributors, and services providers, working as a supplier to the local partner. We provide product, training, installation and software licensing to ensure a successful implementation of a customized solution.

We provide end-users, such as utilities, municipalities, or property owners/managers with custom solutions to conserve resources, reduce expenses, and improve efficiencies.

We offer OEMs and product resellers the opportunity to private label our products, as well as a program for the development and manufacturing of custom systems.

Why Choose Us?

As a complete solutions provider, we provide high quality dependable digital meter reading products, network communications, and smart reporting software to support every situation, from apartment complexes and motor home parks to smart cities and municipalities. Learn more…

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